Eco Confetti Cannons Are Here!

Eco Confetti Cannons Are Here!

Wednesday 21 August, 2013

New Turbo Confetti Blasters provide event effects with an eco friendly stamp.

As events strive to become greener, suppliers need to react to the new demands of customers and find ways to deliver cleaner products with better environmental credentials.

Confetti Magic's latest addition to our range of Confetti Cannons does just that. Replacing the need for CO2 cylinders to power the confetti blasters, the new Turbo Confetti Blasters use efficient, high power fans to propel the confetti into the air at a rate of up to 8kg per minute per machine.

Another advantage of the Turbo Confetti Blasters is that they are no longer restricted to the 60 seconds of effect that a cylinder of CO2 will deliver. The fans will run for as long as required, providing a much more cost effective way of creating long duration confetti effects.

Biodegradable confetti is gone in an instant

What about the confetti itself? Is it biodegradable? Of course! All of Confetti Magic's Tissue Confetti is biodegradable. However, the rate at which it vanishes depends on Mother Nature. Plenty of rain (not usually a problem in the UK) will see the confetti break down faster than if it's nice and dry.

Sometimes this isn't good enough for some venues. Well, Confetti Magic has a solution for them as well. Water soluble confetti will vanish instantly on contact with water. Made from a starch based film, the coloured rectangles float in exactly the same way as tissue confetti, but you can rest assured that nothing will remain after the first rain; or hose if you are particularly impatient.

Confetti Effects go CO2 Neutral

Many of the smaller confetti cannons in Confetti Magic's range are already air powered. The Big shot Confetti Cannons use compressed air to fire their shots of confetti and streamers whilst the MiniBlower Confetti Cannon uses a fan to shoot a stream of confetti up to 8m and is just the right size to cover a dance floor or for a photo shoot.

There is still a place for the CO2 Confetti Blasters where provision of power is an issue. We therefore teamed up with Woodland Carbon to mitigate the CO2 we use, locking it up in the creation of new UK woodland. In fact, while we were at it, we calculated our yearly carbon footprint for the whole company and offset that as well.

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