Watch the new video from Foxes latest album - The Kick

Falling petals shower Foxes in her new video

Monday 14 February, 2022

The video to Foxes’ new release, Growing On Me, sees her lying on a floral patterned bed with the camera floating above her as she sings.

Taken from her latest album, The Kick, the floral themed video was filmed in a London studio back in September 2021, where Confetti Magic provided falling petals during the middle 8.

Our brief was that the petals needed to appear in an instant and then fall past the camera, onto Foxes. Confetti blowers would have provided too soft an effect, so we opted for our Triple-barrelled Confetti Cannons.

The large calibre barrels were ideal to accommodate the combination of real and silk petals while a regulated pressure source meant we could set the power to drop the petals perfectly into shot.

With the pressure and angles set, we fired for the first take and dropped the petals perfectly into shot. With no adjustments needed, we were ready to repeat as required, the video using a total of 10 takes for the petals with different camera angles.

A reduction in the film speed allows the petals to be seen falling gracefully through the air as they tumble and spin.

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