Spark Machines add a dynamic backdrop to Top Gear shoot

Top Gear Spark Machines

Tuesday 8 February, 2022

Following the success of our confetti shoot for Top Gear, we were asked back to provide Spark Machines for the new 184mph, V8 Chevrolet Corvette.

The studio shoot involved 6 Spark Streams positioned around the car to add a dynamic backdrop to the stunning, sleek lines of the American beauty.

Spark Streams were the perfect choice with DMX control allowing the effect to be called in as required, on cue.

Also known as ‘cold spark’ machines, they provide a safer alternative to traditional pyrotechnics with almost no smoke and a considerably lower temperature output, not to mention the repeatability.

A full load of spark powder will give over 5 minutes of continuous use, or as in this case, multiple takes.

Video shoots are just one of the uses of these versatile machines. They are also frequently seen in nightclubs, at award ceremonies, for sports presentations and at weddings for the first dance, to name but a few.

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