Super slow-mo confetti adds a dazzling sparkle to the start of Top Gear's new series

Top Gear Glitter Cannons

Monday 15 November, 2021

The start of the new #TopGear series saw the guys take on Lando Norris, Sebastian Vettel and Antonio Giovinazzi in a trackday challenge at the British Grand Prix race weekend.

Featuring an Alfa Giulia GTAm, Aston Vantage F1 Edition and McLaren 765LT, the teams took it in turns to drive a lap in a relay-style race to achieve the fastest cumulative time.

To introduce each car, a sequence featuring a burst of metallic confetti, filmed in the studio in slow-motion, was played in reverse to reveal each car with the confetti rising into the air.

Confetti Magic provided the remote-control confetti cannons loaded with metallic confetti to create these stunning shots. The slow-motion footage shows the true beauty of the effect against the magnificence of the machinery.

The race was no secret with the series trailer signposting the competition from way back in July. The result however, was kept under wraps until now. Of course, you could take a wild guess as to the result given that this was between three middle aged presenters and three F1 drivers, but with a mishap or two along the way, could they pull off a surprise win? There’s only one way to find out…

Watch the start of the latest Top Gear series HERE.

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