CO2 Jet's have become an essential addition to DJ sets and festivals

Are CO2 Jets Environmentally Friendly?

Monday 1 November, 2021

Why is it that when there’s a nationwide shortage of CO2, everyone wants CO2 jets?

Thankfully, our supplier of CO2 cylinders appears to be unaffected so we’ve been busy with festivals and Halloween events, adding cryogenic blasts for the likes of Craig David and Pete Tong.

The pent-up demand for live music events has driven an increased requirement for special effects, with enquiries for CO2 jets especially through the roof.

They are loved by DJs for their repeatable, instantaneous blasts to accompany the drop. In fact, it’s hard to imagine the climax without the roar of CO2 jets!

Although the CO2 we use is a by-product of fertiliser manufacture and would be released into the atmosphere anyway, we still want to play our part in reducing climate change, so we offset the CO2 used in our CO2 jets, Confetti Blasters and company activities with the help of The Woodland Trust.

Each year, we help finance the maintenance and planting of forests across the UK, enough to offset 10 tonnes of CO2.

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