Watch ITVs new ident for New Year erupt with an explosion of confetti glitter

ITV's New Ident To See In The New Year

Thursday 26 December, 2019

Each week, throughout the year, ITV have featured a new ident (the short sequence between programs that identifies the channel), each one the brainchild of a different designer who pitched their ideas to get them made and shown.

The last week of December, possibly the most prestigious slot of the year, sees Anna Lomax’s creation take to the screens.

Way back in July, we spent a day in the studio with Anna helping to bring her idea to life. Using our Powershot confetti cannons loaded with multicoloured round confetti, we fired multiple shots for multiple takes, filmed from multiple angles.

Between each take, we had to crawl under the structure to remove the empty cartridges and reload with full ones. This was in the height of the summer heatwave, so made for rather hot work in a very confined space!

There’s no camera trickery or visual effects here, just a touch of slow-mo to show the eruption of colour in beautiful detail.

We hope you enjoy watching the finished article as much as we enjoyed making it.

Best wishes for a fantastic New Year from everyone at

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