Biodegradable confetti falling over bride and groom

Biofetti - biodegradable water-soluble confetti on BBC's The Split

Eco wedding confetti features on The Split

Friday 1 June, 2018

When the production company for The Split approached us to provide confetti for the wedding scene, they had a small problem. They had been told by the church where the filming was to take place that they don’t allow confetti.

Although our tissue confetti is fully biodegradable, it does take time to break down, so that was not acceptable. The only solution was Biofetti.

Using a Turbo Confetti Blaster, we could direct the effect into shot whilst controlling the density and duration of the effect. We mounted the machine on a skate so we could move it around as directed to cater for different camera angles and retakes.

Biofetti is a fully water-soluble biodegradable confetti, so following the filming, it could simply be washed away with a hose to leave no trace. Job done - happy client and a happy venue.

Planning you own wedding? We also offer our Biofetti loaded into hand held cannons. You can choose the colours and we will load them to your requirements here.

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