Multicolour confetti surrounds football fans

Pringles celebrate with confetti


Monday 18 June, 2018

With the World Cup well underway, you may well have seen the new football themed Pringles advert – Pringoooals!

The commercial features a giant Pringles tube filled with colourful football fans dancing and celebrating, surrounded by multicolour confetti.

The effect was achieved using an LED Confetti Fountain, loaded with multicolour tissue confetti and remotely operated form an Effectivator control unit.

The production company needed an effect that was safe to use in a confined space, where people could dance around the confetti cannon with no risk of injury.

The LED Confetti Fountain is a fan powered effect, providing a soft-launch of confetti and holding it in a stream of air for up to 30 seconds. It is easily and quickly reloaded, so multiple takes could be catered for with no delay to filming.

As well as being popular with production companies, the LED Confetti Fountains are often hired for weddings.

A couple recently wanted to recreate the confetti from a Coldplay concert in their wedding tipi. With two LED Confetti Fountains positioned to the sides of the dance floor, pointing up to the apex of the tent, the effect was projected high into the air and then swirled around the space, covering their guests in a storm of colour.

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