Biofetti biodegradable confetti creates an eco-friendly finale to festival

Biofetti Cannons Mark The End Of A Fantastic Festival

Monday 3 June, 2019

Festival In A Box, organisers of Loungefest, a corporate festival to thank the employees of The Lounges chain of restaurants for all their hard work, approached Confetti Magic to provide confetti cannons for the finale of their festival.

Their main demand was that the confetti must be fully biodegradable so as to leave no trace. Our tissue confetti is fully biodegradable but they needed a faster clean up so, after testing a sample of both, they decided on our Biofetti, water soluble confetti.

Biofetti is super thin which means you get more pieces per kilo, but as a result, it is not as strong as tissue. Our CO2 Confetti Blasters would be our usual choice for festivals, but these are too powerful and can damage the Biofetti.

We recommended Turbo Confetti Blasters instead as the fan powered machines are gentler on the confetti and are more environmentally friendly as they don’t use CO2 to launch the confetti.

We gave some hand-held streamer cannons to the company directors and DJs with instructions to fire them when they wanted the confetti cannons to start.

As the rainbow tissue streamers flew over the crowd, we fired up the cannons using a DMX controller, giving simultaneous control over both cannons and fed the confetti into the launchers for over two minutes to the delight of the revellers.

As the music came to an end, we pushed through the last big wave of confetti and faded down both machines.

As the crowds cleared, the grass was covered in a multicolour carpet of confetti, but we could leave with a guilt-free conscience, safe in the knowledge that it would melt away to nothing with the first rain.

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