I ain't afraid of no ghosts!

Take the launch to the people with our Ghostbuster style backpacks and Hurricane Guns. Load up with speed-load cartridges and take to the streets. The money shot is at your fingertips, launching a cloud of cash, vouchers or confetti with an easily repeatable rush of excitement.

The sweet smell of success

The more senses you stimulate, the more memorable the event. We can add aromas to many of our effects to fully immerse your guests in the experience. We have added perfume to confetti cannons to launch a new fragrance, bubblegum to bubbles for a series of fun runs and Christmas Pud to snow machines for a Christmas Lights Switch-on.

Shower your message onto the crowd

Companies love to see their message or logo cascading around their guests and custom printed confetti does this perfectly. But when you need 400 different messages from school children on postcard sized confetti as we did for the Commonwealth Games, then you need full colour digital printing with our team of confetti experts on hand to ensure that everything runs perfectly to plan.

To WOW, thrill, dazzle and excite at your next event,
just add a touch of Confetti Magic...

bringing live events alive!

No matter what your needs we are sure that here at Confetti Magic we already have it covered.
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