Confetti Cannons are the perfect answer to the question, ‘how do we celebrate New Year’s Eve in a spectacular and safe way’?

New Year’s Eve Confetti Cannon Hire For Socially Distanced Events

Wednesday 2 December, 2020

Confetti Cannons are the perfect answer to the question, ‘how do we celebrate New Year’s Eve in a spectacular and safe way’?

Covid secure venues will still be staging New Year’s Eve events, albeit with family bubbles or in their groups of 6. So, without the traditional hugging and shaking of hands, how do you make the moment feel inclusive? Confetti Cannons of course!

Confetti has an unrivalled ability to turn any moment into a celebration as everyone is surrounded by a glittering cascade of twinkling lights.

Remote Control Confetti Cannons

With Remote Control Confetti Cannons positioned around the room, each shooting a stream of confetti up to 12 metres, you can fill the room with glitter on the push of a button to coincide precisely with the first chime of Big Ben.

Prices start from £130 + vat for a pair of cannons, including delivery and collection.

LED Confetti Fountain

For smaller venues with lower ceilings, remote control cannons may not be suitable. LED Confetti Fountains offer a safe alternative with the confetti lifted into the air on a stream of air whilst being illuminated by a ring of LED lights around the mouth of the cannon.

The fan powered machines create a cascade of glittering confetti for up to 30 seconds and can be remotely operated from a switch panel.

When the stream of confetti hits the ceiling, it gets carried in the air stream, washing along the ceiling until it falls safely around your guests.

Up to two LED Confetti Fountains can be operated simultaneously from the same switch panel if you would like to place a machine either side of the room for greater coverage.

Prices start from £150 + vat for a single LED Confetti Fountain including, delivery and collection.

Multishot Confetti Cannons

Offering the best of both worlds; the impact of a shot effect and the longer duration of a fan powered machine, MultiShot Confetti Cannons provide either 4 or 8 successive shots from a single cannon.

The cannons are supplied in pairs to provide a symmetrical effect from both sides of a stage or dance floor.

The wireless remote control allows you to discreetly trigger each shot over your chosen period of time to sustain the cascade of confetti in waves or create a high-impact confetti storm by firing the cannons in rapid succession.

Prices start from £330 + vat for a pair of 4 shot cannons and £510 + vat for a pair of 8 shot cannons, including delivery and collection.

Larger venues

The bigger the venue, the bigger the cannon – and we have the largest cannons available, capable of filling a stadium if required.

Our Turbo Confetti Blasters are popular with pop-up Christmas Party venues where you want to repeat the effect night after night.

The fan powered machines are simply switched on and a stream of confetti is projected up to 20 metres for as long as you want – or until you run out of confetti!

Want to fill the venue with confetti for the duration of Auld Lang Syne? No problem. Feed the confetti into the machine and your guests will be surrounded by fluttering confetti as they sing at the top of their voices.

CO2 Stadium Blasters are our most powerful cannon, each capable of delivering 10 kilos of confetti in around 60 seconds for an awesome confetti tsunami.

The cannons are remotely operated to maximise the element of surprise and automatically feed the confetti into the machine so no need for an operator with each unit. The ultimate in power and impact. Please call for prices.

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