Biodegradable metallic glitter confetti cannons for eco-events indoors or out

NEW! Biodegradable metallic glitter confetti

Thursday 24 October, 2019

That glitzy confetti finale to your event that you’ve only previously been able to enjoy indoors, can now be recreated even bigger outdoors with the introduction of our new BioGlitter Biodegradable Metallic Confetti.

This opens up a whole world of opportunities from festivals to stage & TV productions, sports presentations to weddings, all of which can now benefit form a sparkling cascade of confetti to add a new dimension to outdoor celebrations.

The biodegradable metallic confetti is tissue based with one side being shiny metallic and the other being coloured tissue. This gives a stunning flickering effect as the confetti tumbles through the air.

Although we pioneered the development of biodegradable metallic confetti in the past using a compostable bio-film, this was extremely expensive and only available in silver, so was only suitable for big events with big budgets.

The new tissue option brings the price right down to the same as the standard metallic confetti, giving event organisers the option to go plastic free with no impact on the cost. This has already proved popular, with a number of blue-chip companies and stage shows with a ‘no single use plastic’ policy, making the switch to this eco option.

This new addition to our range of eco-friendly confetti options, which also includes biodegradable tissue confetti and Biofetti, water soluble confetti, reenforces our company policy of striving to be the most environmentally friendly special effects company. Our fan powered Turbo Confetti Blasters do away with the need for CO2 cylinders altogether and when CO2 Stadium Blasters are needed for their unparalleled power, we off-set our carbon using the government approved, Woodland Carbon Scheme.

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