Why do we have so many confetti cannons for hire? Because whatever effect you are looking to create, we want to make sure we have the perfect solution to fulfil your vision.

Our Confetti Cannons

Here at Confetti Magic, we have the widest range of confetti and streamer cannons, launchers and blowers available to hire in the UK.

High Impact Confetti Cannons

With Remote Control Confetti CannonsBig Shot Confetti CannonsTriple-BarrelledMulti-Shot and PowerShot Confetti Cannons, we can fire it remotely, on the push of a button to maximise the surprise factor.

Sustained Flow Confetti Cannons

Confetti Fountains, MiniBlower Confetti CannonsLED Confetti Fountains and BigBlaster Confetti Cannons will create a sustained flow of confetti to fill anything from a dance floor to a stadium in a frenzy of colour.

Silent Confetti Cannons

To create a peaceful, silent fall to add a touch of magic to the moment, Swirl Fans are perfect and give extensive control over the scale and duration of the effect.

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